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Why use an executive search service?

The advantages of choosing a Headhunter over a Recruitment Consultant are enormous. Main stream consultants will provide you with a string of candidates that have been placed on their database.

These candidates generally have responded to an advertisement, suggesting that they may well be under performing or dissatisfied in their present role, it is extremely rare for a successful Executive to be actively looking for alternative employment, they are nearly always headhunted.

We use our knowledge and experience together with our wide network of contacts to deliver the right person for your business. We are mindful of the importance of attracting that extra skill or character that will move your organisation forward.

Our success is dependent upon maintaining our reputation for delivering above average workforce solutions.

How we work

We undertake specific instructions from clients which involve company culture, scope of assignment and a precise written brief and agreed objectives.

The headhunting process is extremely detailed, requiring in-depth research, market analysis followed by a series of discussions with prospective candidates respecting both parties complete confidentiality

Candidates are then selected for evaluation of skills, qualifications and suitability.

Once the final choice has been made, we will make our recommendations, detailing career history, personal aspirations, remuneration expectations, candidate level of interest culminating in a full appraisal delivered in report format.

We will then commence the interview process, as specified by the client, help to evaluate the outcome, conduct reference checks, negotiate remuneration and benefits packages and assist the process all the way to conclusion.

Typical disciplines include:

Human Resource/ Executive/ Management
Marketing and P.R. Executive/Management
Sales Management/Director
Financial Management
Credit Management
Project Management
FSA Senior Executive
Main Board Directors and Senior Level Appointments

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