4 unique ways YOU can stand out from other candidates.

Recruiters send thousands of candidates for roles on a daily basis. Hundreds are employed and thousands are turned down for various reasons. So how can you stand out from other candidates to help you secure the job you have always wanted? How can you beat the person in the interview before and after you? At Aldena, we have come up with four unique methods that you can employ to give yourself an advantage in the interview, after the interview and on a daily basis.

1. Send a handwritten note to say thank you

Send a handwritten note to say thank you to the interviewer. In this digital age, as technology continues to creep into everything we do, the handwritten note can be a brilliant way to be personable. Just search the company you are hoping to join on google to find their address, and then write them a little message after the interview. As we say, this can be a really effective method to leave a lasting impression on the interviewer.

2. Develop a personal content strategy

At Aldena, we continuously talk about the importance of a fully optimized LinkedIn profile (click the link to see this blog). Whilst it is important to have a great summary and recommendations from work colleagues, it is extremely impressive if job seekers can see your knowledge and expertise being portrayed through content. You could write posts, blogs or create videos explaining your expertise and creating valuable content for your connections. You might be thinking, how do I begin doing this? A great way to gather lots of content is to sit for an hour or two and reflect on your day to day tasks and expertise. For example, you might be savvy with SEO, but a number of your connections aren’t. Inform them about snippets of your day and top tips about SEO through the use of text or video. We highly recommend giving yourself an hour or two every month to jot down skills you have implemented and things that you have learnt to then turn into credible content.

3. Create a personal brand video

Video content is rapidly growing. A personal brand video that highlights your personality and unique value proposition would definitely be a great way to stand out. Much like your summary at the beginning of your CV, a video link could accompany your CV and serve as a 60-second elevator pitch to educate the employer of your skill set, work experience and personality. Thinking about it now, this is an excellent way to stand out from the crowd. Pitch your expertise and showcase your personality on video alongside your CV to increase your chances of being shortlisted!

4. Create an action plan

We always discourage writing an exhaustive list of adjectives about who you are without ‘putting the proof in the pudding’. To really stand out from other interviewees, do your research on the company and draft a detailed action plan on what you will do when you begin working for them. Identify your skills and how you will implement them to benefit the business. Remember, put the proof in the pudding. Show how you will be you be a positive attribute to the team by using examples and case studies of your work at previous companies.

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