Graduates: Benefits of Using a Talent Resourcing Company

We go to university to specialise in a particular industry with the hope of finding your dream job when you graduate. For many students, they focus on studying when they are close to finishing their time at university and so they ignore the job application process until they have graduated. When you put on your graduation hat and take a quick photo for Instagram with the caption “Heres 2:1 hell of a year” suddenly the feeling hits you. The feeling that the days of partying and working on essays is over. It is now time to hit the ‘real world’, as I’m sure you have heard your parents say a million and one times. It is now time to go and earn some money and begin your first ‘proper’ job. However, with the ever-growing number of people attending university, the higher the demand for the competitive jobs and thus, finding a role that suits your CV and university degree can be challenging. Job hunting is difficult to begin with, but with no experience and limited advice, the task can seem impossible. This is where we can help. Here are three reasons why:

1.Experience and Knowledge

Expert advice from our talent resourcing executives will ensure you’re on the right path to reaching your career goals. The knowledge gained from working daily with candidates in similar situations, coupled with our own personal job-hunting experience, renders recruiters the ideal individuals to turn to for career advice.

A good consultant will guide you through the entire process of your job search, from helping you format and tailor your CV to providing tips on what to say in a competency-based interview. Even once you’ve landed your position, a recruiter will support you in starting your new job.

Recruitment consultants also have in-depth knowledge about the role, the company and the industry, ensuring you’re not only well prepared but that you are applying for a job that suits your skill set.

2.Exclusive and rare opportunities 

As a fresh graduate, you may find yourself stepping into the vicious cycle of ‘no experience’: You need the experience to get the job of your dreams but you can’t gain experience without getting a job!

This is where recruitment consultants can help you. Their extensive experience and market knowledge means that they know of alternative positions that can lead you to reaching your career goals. What’s more, recruitment consultants often work exclusively with companies, meaning that positions will arise that may not be advertised elsewhere.

3. Better Odds 

It’s often thought that the next move for new graduates is graduate schemes. While these may be the right fit for some, they will not suit everyone. Their competitive nature and lengthy application processes can lead to investing too much time in one opportunity, and with the chances of rejection often higher, this can make being turned down even more disappointing.

Recruitment agencies can save you time and allow you to apply to more than one role. Rather than relying on just one application, working with the right recruiter can open the door to more opportunities and improve your chances of getting a job.

Investing in your future.

Your first job after graduation is crucial for building a career path you love, but not knowing where to start or what to do is a common predicament for new graduates.

The right recruiter may have the answer for you. Investing in a recruitment consultancy with expert knowledge and access to roles can increase your odds of finding a job and put you on the path to building the career of your dreams.

From helping you enter the job market, to guiding you through a change of profession, registering with a consultancy is the start of a relationship. Your recruitment consultant will become a long-term partner, steering you through the evolution of your career.


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