Delightful candidate Davina talks about her experience

How did you hear about Aldena Associates?
Darinka contacted me after she had found my CV on a job portal.


What made you choose Aldena over other recruiters?
Aldena set expectations and most certainly delivered, making it such a stress-free process for me!

How was your application process?
It was swift and Darinka kept me extremely up-to-date and well informed throughout the whole process.


Did you feel supported during the process? Did you receive any tips?!
Yes, I definitely felt supported and knew that I was free to contact Darinka at any point. Darinka informed me about the company and gave some tips on what they are most interested in so that I could focus and prepare.


Did you do any research on the company you applied for? If so, what did you do?
Yes, I researched the company, however due to them working with high-profile cases, the website was limited with information.


How else did you prep for the interview?
I went through some interview questions which I was expecting to come up. I also had a facetime call with Darinka to go through things I would say – bit of a practice session!


How was the day of the interview?
It was a nice process, very informative and relaxed. Darinka also made me feel very supported throughout the whole time.


How did you feel when you met your potential employer?
I was extremely nervous as I was unsure whether they liked me and whether I was good enough for the role, as a lot of responsibility came with it.


Did you feel confident post the interview?
I remember being very unsure and thought that I had blown it because I did not get to mention a lot of the things that I had prepared!


When did you get the good news?
I was invited back for a second interview where I met the rest of the team and was told on the day that I had got the job.



Do you feel that Aldena Associates had the knowledge and experience of your industry?
Yes, I think they knew what the client wanted and done their best to match the criteria.


Is there anything else you would like to say?



Davina’s dad displays his delight for his daughter’s success on our Facebook page!


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