How to Optimize your LinkedIn Profile to attract employers.

LinkedIn, the biggest business platform in the world with over 500 million users, is becoming a serious source for recruiters to find potential candidates.

As a company, we have invested in LinkedIn Recruiter, with many of our Talent Resourcing Executives spending lots of time searching for candidates on the platform. With that being said, we thought we would summarise the key must do’s when it comes to making sure your profile stands out from the rest!

1.Job title

As a recruiter, the first thing we do when searching for a candidate via LinkedIn is to search the job title. For example, if we are looking for a “project manager” we will simply search “project manager”. Make sure your job title is to the point and clear.

Top Tip: If you are actively looking for a new position, add “seeking new opportunities” to your job title to help us find you on the platform. As a recruiter, we typically tend to search “job title” followed by “seeking new opportunities”.

2. Location

Following the job title, we will then always search for the location. Make sure your location is your actual location. LinkedIn has this very annoying bug that likes to change your location on your profile. It is a nuisance that needs to be fixed but for the time being, make sure your location is correct!

Top Tip: One method we don’t ever see, that can be really useful for a recruiter, is a statement that tells us if you are willing to relocate to find a new role. This allows us to identify serious candidates for roles that may require you to relocate.

3. Summary

Avoid using a long list of exhausting adjectives that anyone can use to describe themselves. We want to see the concrete evidence of your skill set so make sure you give examples of your work. Whether that is hitting your KPIs for the month or completing a certain project, make sure you show the results of your positive attributions.

4. Recommendations

Recommendations are gold when it comes to a LinkedIn profile. If you have been recommended for work-based achievements this immediately highlight to us and your future employer that you are a 5-star candidate.

5. Certifications

If you have any certifications, make sure you put this on your profile. Profiles with certifications are more likely to pop up in our search. They also show us that you have been endorsed for certain skills. Certificates don’t have to be work related, maybe you have a coaching certificate outside of the admin role you are searching for. Provide some evidence of you working outside of the work environment.

6. Professional Profile Photo

People like people. Make sure you have a professional looking profile picture. This always helps to give a great first impression to us and your employer.


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