UK Workers Spend Over 82,000 Hours at Work Over Their Lifetime.

Based on the average UK salary, each UK worker will end up a millionaire – but not in one go. A lifetime’s wages add up to £1,260,720 – enough to fill just a suitcase in £50 notes.

The average employee will spend a total of 82,068 hours working over their lifetime, the equivalent to working a 9.4 year shift or 3,420 days of non-stop working.

Over that time, the average employee will get just 4% more time with their partner or family than they do their work colleagues.

Work lunches also add up to extraordinary levels, with a life of packed lunches setting an employee back £14,746.This pales in comparison to the eyewatering cost of a supermarket meal deal, however, which is 138% more expensive than a packed lunch at a £35,110 lifetime cost. Stacking all those sandwiches (585 loaves worth) would reach 409 metres high – 92% the height of the Empire State Building.

DPG’s analysis also found that the average UK worker will:

  • Drink 28,088 cups of coffee over their working life. That’s 9,830 litres or, to give it some scale, 40 wheelie bins.
  • Spend 2,909 hours on the toilet at work
  • Smokers will spend 317 days smoking non-stop (if you add up their 45,643 breaks)
  • Spend 10,086 hours procrastinating
  • 3 years and 6 months on holiday
  • Drive 218,150 miles, which will cost £19,444 in fuel and get you 91.3% of the way to the moon. A lifetime of commuting would also amount to a 15-month nonstop journey.
  • Spend 1.7% of your working life off sick – or 199 days.
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