‘’We’re not square pegs, round holes…’’

Tell us a little bit about Aldena and what makes it different?

Having worked for leading recruitment agencies when I first started in this field in 1989, I was determined to deliver something with a personal touch. Working for the ‘big wigs’ I felt I was churning out candidates, like a machine, and the human touch was lost. My mother also worked in recruitment and in 1993 we decided to take a leap of faith and open our own recruitment agency.


At Aldena we value the client as much as the candidate and pride ourselves on listening and understanding both party’s needs. We don’t pigeonhole! We take the time to build relationships with our clients and interview all of our candidates. It’s important for us to understand who we’re putting forward for the role and make sure they are the right fit.


When a client gives us an opportunity, it’s not just a role, they are locking into an experience – building long term relationships and trust with Aldena Associates.




What industry does Aldena work in and across which disciplines?

We’re versatile and diverse! From consumer electronics to legal. We don’t focus on a particular industry, but rather on a skillset and the job.


‘We don’t take on jobs, if we don’t understand’ is our mantra and we stay true to it!



What is your client/candidate attraction method?

The digital age has had a massive impact on the way we recruit. Social Media plays a very big part in how we build and sustain relationships with both client and candidate. We use LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram to show who we are and what we do (LINK)!

We develop significant leads from recommendations. Having worked in the industry for more than 25 years, our clients and candidates want to refer us. We also co-host networking meetings and develop relationships with our local community!



What kind of impact do you think Brexit will have on the UK’s job market?

Well, change is inevitable, but I do feel there won’t be much impact on businesses. I do however feel that there will be a skills shortage and an impact on talent pool.




Which three words describe Aldena Associates?

Family, Consistency (team & operations), knowledge and experience (sorry that’s four!)




What advice would you give a client or candidate during the recruitment process?

The client needs to be really transparent about what they are looking for – clear JDs, flexible in their attitude, willing to look outside obvious skillset and communicate efficiently so we don’t lose the candidate!


We really need the candidate to be honest and serious about what they’re doing and wanting to achieve – and we’re all here to give the best support and advice!



What do you do when you’re not at Aldena Associates?

I love training and have a personal trainer to get me up, fit and focused for the day ahead! I’m a working mum and my children are my world, so running after them and keeping the house in order only leaves me a bit of time for some shoe shopping!



What’s your vision for Aldena Associates?

With the significant expansion in our network, our vision is to develop a few more verticals in the business and lean towards more specialisms.

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