What to avoid when writing a CV: the Do’s and Dont’s in 2018.

At Aldena, we have seen the very best and the very worst CV’s (believe us). Based on our extensive reviews of thousands of candidate CVs, we would like to point you in the right direction and provide you with ways to reduce the chances of your portfolio being blacklisted by employers.

1. Avoid a long list of adjectives

Avoid a long list of exhausting adjectives that anybody can claim to be. These include ‘dedicated’, ‘enthusiastic’, ‘hardworking’ etc. Instead of writing about all of these, provide concrete examples of how your efforts have produced results for existing companies. Don’t just waffle, show the results of your expertise.

2. Avoid adding links to personal accounts

Don’t put links to social media profiles that do not relate to the role you are applying for. It is always good to include a link to your LinkedIn profile, as this is an effective way to show off your employer a professional business profile, but do avoid adding your personal profiles on Facebook and Instagram etc.

3. Keep the format simple

 Avoid using graphs, diagrams, funky headers and images. These elements cause distraction and employers will be encouraged to dismiss your CV and look at the next one. If you are struggling with your CV template then get in contact with one of the team, we can help pinpoint the important information and make it look appealing to the employer.

4. Spelling and Grammar

It is staggering how many CV’s we receive with incorrect grammar and misspelt words. At Aldena, we go through the process of checking our candidate’s CV for this very reason. Sending your CV to an employer with grammatical mistakes instantly gives a bad impression and usually results in an unsuccessful application.

Top Tip: Download Grammarly. This is a free writing app that can be installed on your device that keeps your writing mistake-free and effective.

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